Nelson Semedo Got an Amazing Tattoo of Jesus Published on 07.11.2018
Nelson Semedo spent a day in a tattoo salon to get an amazing image of Jesus on his body
Tattoos of Drinks Published on 07.10.2018
Some drinks are a real form of art.
Naomi Campbell and Skepta for GQ - The supermodel posed for the magazine with her new BF Published on 07.7.2018
GQ magazine featured Naomi Campbell and her new boyfriend rapper Skepta posing nude on the cover
Tattoos When Pregnant: to Do or Not to Do Published on 07.5.2018
Some women do not want to stop getting tattoos even when they are pregnant. There are certain risks and alternatives you should know about for safety purposes.
I Got My Nipples Tattooed Published on 06.26.2018
Nipple tattoo became popular in 2013 and was first used in breast reconstruction procedures after a mastectomy. But today nipple tattooing is a relatively new concept.
Bird Tattoos Published on 06.24.2018
At all times, birds were associated with freedom and the boundless sky, distant dreams and spiritual strength, divine will and unattainable joy.
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