Free Removal of Racist Tattoos in Ontario Published on 06.24.2018
A tattoo salon in Ontario offers to remove racist tats free of charge
Tattoo of Imprinted Lips Published on 06.24.2018
A tattoo of puckered lips looks very intimate and piquant.
Hip-hop and Tattoos Banned in China Published on 06.24.2018
The Chinese government prohibited showing hip-hop performers and artists with tattoos on TV
Lace Tattoos Published on 06.24.2018
Delicate, refined and very feminine, tattoos with lace always look trendy.
Have Her Kiss with Him Always and Everywhere Published on 06.24.2018
Lionel Messi got a juicy tattoo of his wife’s lips
Biomechanics Tats Published on 06.18.2018
Tattoos in the style of biomechanics symbolize a new era in the development of mankind, when life became impossible without robots, technology, electronics and sophistica...
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