Mo Ganji’s Genius Tattoos Published on 05.29.2018
A tattoo artist from Germany creates cool tattoos with a monochrome line
Leopard tattoos Published on 05.28.2018
The leopard is an incredible animal: fast, dexterous and simply beautiful.
Jose Mourinho’s greatest fan Published on 05.15.2018
A lady from England adores Jose Mourinho and expresses her affection by covering her body with tattoos of him
Ladybug Tattoos Published on 05.15.2018
Out of all insect tattoos, the ladybug tattoo stands out for its color, brightness and incredible tenderness.
Tattoo of H. Clinton Published on 05.15.2018
A member of the Saturday Night Live TV show got a tattoo in support of H. Clinton
Infinity Sign Published on 05.15.2018
The infinity symbol belongs to those drawings that are called simple and ingenious.
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