Body modifications to be prohibited in Estonia if underage Published on 05.9.2018
In two years, Estonia is going to introduce a new law that will prohibit teenagers from using the services of solariums and tattoo salons.
Inking the Sun Published on 05.9.2018
The sun is a common tattoo image, either solitary or in composition with other symbols.
Messi Forever Published on 05.9.2018
The back of a 54-year-old fan of Lionel Messi is now decorated with the player’s large portrait tattoo
Compass Tattoos Published on 05.9.2018
The compass is a device that facilitates orientation on the planet Earth by indicating the direction of the magnetic poles.
Tattoo in honor of FIFA World cup 2018 Published on 05.2.2018
To remember their first time entering the World cup, a Panama soccer player tattooed the logo of the 2018 championship on his body.
Buddha Tattoos Published on 05.2.2018
Fans of Eastern philosophy prefer to incorporate religious motifs in their tattoos.
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