Mel B removed a memory of her ex-husband Published on 05.1.2018
Melanie Brown, star member of Spice Girls, removed the tattoo she had devoted to her ex-husband 10 years ago
Barcoded Bodies Published on 05.1.2018
Barcode tattoos are a very interesting way of self-expression.
You Are Being Watched Published on 04.25.2018
Below you will find several fabulous tats of eyes.
40 years to find a tattoo machines broken needle Published on 04.25.2018
A man from Sweden squeezed a piece of broken tattoo machine needle out of his toe - it had entered his body more than 40 years ago.
A Dog Tattoo Published on 04.25.2018
The symbol of 2018 is a dog, and it is not surprising that many tattoo fans would want to get a such tattoo.
Try a tattoo on Published on 04.22.2018
A Ukrainian clothes brand allows you to trying on tattoos, changing them or removing them
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