A tattoo artist who decides what to ink

Published on 11.17.2016 Tattoo artist who decides tattoo for you
The famous American tattoo artist, Scott Campbell, who did tattoos for celebrities such as Orlando Bloom, Penelope Cruz and Kanye West, now offers to tattoo—completely free of charge—anyone who wishes to become a part of his new project.
This project bears the name Whole Glory. It is not only a demonstration of Campbell’s mastery, it is also a psychological experiment for the clients: Would people be able to trust a stranger to change their body forever? Not everyone agreed to those terms. The project entailed for the client to stick his hand into a hole in the wall, on the other side of which was, in fact, no other than Scott Campbell himself, waiting to set his imagination flying.
Scott says people reacted positively to the Whole Glory project: “At least their reaction to me was positive,” shares Campbell. “Maybe they cried when they went home, I do not know.” He adds with a laugh. “I am currently working in various fields - painting, sculpture. Tattooing is just my first love. And the difference is that when you, for instance, produce a painting, you have a blank canvas in front of you, and you can do all you want. When you deal with tattoos though, your canvas has an opinion, and to make any decisions, you need to ask permission from the canvas. 
“Since I know how to create tattoos better than anything else, I always wanted to have the same freedom as when I paint pictures. That's why I started this project. I did not think so many people would come! In addition, I was sure that even those who came will be the same bastards like me and just want another tattoo on their hands. But I was wrong - for many, this was the first tattoo in their life. And it's great because in this case, what’s most important is experience, rather than the tattoo itself. 
“At first, I was sure that the wall barrier would help me relieve the tension, but it turned out quite the opposite. If I screwed up, the responsibility would entirely lie on me. For example, if you come to me and say, "Scott, I want you to visualize an eagle on my arm!" I will do the ink and make it cool, but if the tattoo looks terrible, this is going to be the client’s fault entirely because this was his chosen design! While in Whole Glory, I bear all the responsibility. Complete freedom and at the same time a lot of pressure.” 
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