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Published on 08.3.2017 Best tattoo artist in the world
The world of tattoo art also has its talents. Like musicians, many tattooists see themselves as very talented people, though the correct evaluation of their work can only be made by their customers.
Nowadays, when tattoos have become extremely fashionable and tattoo salons are located at every corner, it is not that easy to distinguish real talent. However, for true professionals, fame does not need additional advertising.
Amanda Wachob from Brooklyn, New York is a graduate artist with a Bachelor of Arts (BFA) degree, who works at the Dare Devil Tattoo showroom in New York. An hour of her work costs $350 and, despite the impressive price, people have to wait for an appointment for six months. 
Amanda does the impossible with body ink—her tattoos look so perfect they border on hyperrealistic. It is difficult to attribute her works to any of the known styles, but that doesn’t stop them from looking really impressive.
Those who wish to know how Amanda came to be a tattoo artist, can read her explanation on her website. Here is a summary:  "One day, I woke up in the morning and found that the whole inside of my left hand was covered with strange symbols. I could not find a rational explanation for their appearance, so I rushed about in mixed feelings: excitement, confusion and curiosity. In the end, the characters disappeared from my skin, leaving an indelible mark on my soul."
With much confidence, Amanda Wachob’s works can be called a real piece of body art — sometimes conceptual, sometimes picturesque, and sometimes both at once.
"My desire is to expand the boundaries of tattoo engineering. Previously, a tattoo was considered only as a craft or business. I see tattoos in a new way, as an example of real art. Just like a brush can paint walls in a house or make paintings, I consider the tattoo machine a tool that you can create art with."
Amanda has held several personal exhibitions and more than a dozen group ones throughout America and Japan. She presents paintings, art tattoos on pieces of leather, on the skin of fruit, as well as cyanotypes depicting tattoo needles.
Her work is reminiscent of watercolor drawings, both illustrative and abstract. With her amazing technique, Amanda achieves a complete imitation of the brush stroke, which makes her work appear alive.
In addition to watercolor tattoos, Amanda has also created the concept of "bloodline." The bloodline technique does not involve the use of paint, but ordinary water. Thus, what the person obtains is a temporary pattern, which is noticeable only because of the inflammation caused by the needle which disappears as the skin heals.
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