Body modifications to be prohibited in Estonia if underage

Published on 05.9.2018 Estonia and new law
In two years, Estonia is going to introduce a new law that will prohibit teenagers from using the services of solariums and tattoo salons.
In two years, the Ministry of Social Affairs in Estonia is planning to introduce a new law prohibiting minors from "modifying" their appearance, the purpose of which is to protect the interests of children as a vulnerable group. 
A similar law is already in force in a number of European countries: Cyprus, Denmark, France, Malta, Romania, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The law will prohibit using the services of solariums and tattoo salons if under the age of 18.
The government explains that young people often do not consider the consequences caused by the various methods of body modification. Visiting an unlimited number of solariums, teenagers only think about accomplishing a desired external result, but not about the effect this kind of treatment has on their young, developing organism. 
In addition to the fact that young people tend to overdo their "beauty sessions," they also do not have enough money to pay for these services. Unfortunately, "affordable" tattoo salons do not always observe the proper sanitary norms, which can cause unforeseen health problems.
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