Prosecutors say that Aaron Hernandezís guns tattoos can be taken as an evidence of guilt in the double murder

Published on 04.27.2017 Does Aaron Hernandezís tattoo mean he did it or not
Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez, who was convicted of the murder of Odin Lloyd last year, faced another trial on February 13.
This time he was accused of killing Daniel de Abreu and Furtado Safiro in a street shootout close to a Boston nightclub in 2012.
The Massachusetts court stated that the tattoos Hernandez got in 2013 may be evidence of his involvement. Two of those tattoos depict handguns; the third features the backward inscription, "God forgives," which can be read in a mirror reflection.
Both tattooed guns match those that prosecutors say were used in the fatal shootings.
The first Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney Patrick M. Haggan claims that the body art "in fact, is a confession of Mr. Hernandez," and should be taken to court during the trial.
But Hernandez's lawyers disagreed, arguing that it is a "speculation," and the jury will be biased considering such evidence.
“That people get tattoos with a gun on them does not mean that the Commonwealth is allowed to file inference on top of inference on top of inference and get to the point that this is an admission.”
Despite the fact that Hernandez is already spending life in prison for murdering Lloyd, he is very active in fighting against the latest charges against him and has hired professional lawyers to defend him in court.
One of his lawyers is Hose Baez, best known for representing several high-profile defendants.
Judge Jeffrey Locke has not yet made decision on the admissibility of the tattoos as evidence.
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