«Sak-Yant» tattoo

Published on 03.16.2017
The tattoo culture in Thailand took centuries to form. Of course, it is not surprising that the attitude towards tattoos is very serious in this country. There, body ink is not perceived as a simple desire to decorate one’s body.
Many people dream of a «Sak-Yant» tattoo, inked by the monks of the monastery bearing the same name. This tattoo has a huge meaning for those who understand it. It is said that it can heal the body and soul, become a powerful talisman and thereby turn into a transitional stage, which would lead to a change in consciousness. The design is chosen like in ancient times and is applied with a bamboo stick. Not everybody can handle the procedure. This tattoo is for lifetime and can not be removed.
Recently, this kind of tattoo has become available outside of the monastery. Siam Hotel offered former monk, Ajahn Boo, to arrange his own tattoo studio in the hotel spa room. The Sak-Yant philosophy explains that the tattoo artist is the one who chooses the design and the placement of the tattoo. So, before deciding on this mysterious body art, remember that much will depend on the monk. 
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