Tattoo artist from Alaska uses ashes to make tattoos

Published on 11.19.2016
A tattoo artist from Alaska, known as Miss Judy, meets people in grief quite often. For many of them, tattooing is a healing therapy, and Miss Judy has been helping them to find the right image to ink into their skin.
She describes this process as a healing and emotional one. It is enjoyable for both parties--the tattooist delights in satisfying the client’s needs. The clients find joy when they discover the perfect image to help them deal with their problems. 
Miss Judy supports her clients in a rather unusual way. When preparing the tattoo ink, she adds some ashes of the one who is being mourned. She says that she only uses minimal amount of the ashes, but they still get inside the skin. Keeping a piece of a beloved person in their skin, makes clients extremely happy. 
Dayna Durr, one of Miss Judy’s clients, decided to get a tattoo with the ashes of her dead daughter, who was killed by a drunk driver. She explained that having a piece of her daughter in her skin was like a reunion of mother and child. Dayna gave life to her girl, who was flesh of her flesh. In this way, Dayna’s precious daughter would always stay with her mother spiritually. 
The design Dayna Durr chose was that of a lily flower. She had a flower tattooed for each of her children. The tattoo also incorporates black silhouettes of mother and daughter as a reminder of the child Dayna lost. She shares that she feels relieved and peaceful because she knows that her daughter will always be with her. 
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