Tattoo machine made with Legos

Published on 04.9.2017 Tattoo Machine Gun Made by Lego Bricks
The Danish company Lego released its first plastic bricks with pimples in 1949. Since 1958, all the details of the Lego design meet the general standards: The cubes released at that time can easily be combined with the cubes released today.
 The volume of production of the main Lego plant, which is located in Billund, Denmark is more than 21 billion individual parts per year.
Tattoo artist and professional Lego amateur from France, who is registered on the fan forum EuroBricks under the pseudonym Captain Spaulding, created a tattoo machine out of the Danish tinker toys. To give this tattoo toy a mechanical similarity to the real one, it took less than 100 individual parts.
It is possible that this approach is the future of tattoo engineering. The tattoo artist could simply buy a set of blocks and construct the tattoo machine that he needs: liner or shader, a fast one or a slow one, hard or soft. 
By the way, Lego bricks can be used not only as a toy that develops fine motor skills and imagination, but also as the source material for creating real works of art. This can be seen by looking at the work of the American sculptor Nathan Sawaya
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