Tattoo Studio specializing in bananas

Published on 12.12.2016 Tattoo Studio specializing in bananas
Today, it is difficult to surprise anybody with tattooed bananas or other fruit painted by tattoo machine.
Tattoo artists download to the web the results of their entertainments every now and then. Sometimes tattooing the gifts of nature makes artistic sense, such as in the case of the American tattoo artist named Amannda Wachob.
However, Przemyslaw Sasky Sasor (young tattoo artist from Poland) gave the phenomenon of tattooed bananas fundamentally new development. In 2010 he organized a Banana-Ink (a kind of tattoo studio) and became a welcome guest at various thematic events like tattoo convention, art festivals, bike rallies, rock concerts, etc. Accordingly, the specialization of the studio is tattooing on bananas.
The mission of his project the polish tattooist sees in letting people who have never held a tattoo machine in their hand, in practice, show what it means to be a tattoo artist. For, it is believed that the banana peel is most similar to human skin when it comes to tattooing.
There is always lots of people wanting to try to make a tattoo on bananas, moreover, the founder of it all gives detailed instructions and explains the basics of the tattooing technology during the session. Both children and adults enjoy taking up the tattoo machines and spoiling the yellow foods. But the main result is that all are satisfied and happy.
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