Tattoo transfer paper

Published on 11.16.2016
How do you transfer a design on the skin? Tattoos are a cool way to express individuality. Therefore, in order to make the design high-quality and accurate, tattoo artists have to use special tools, with which to apply the tattoo image on the body.
The basis for a highly artistic tattoo is the design, which should be transferred to the skin as accurately as possible. To solve this issue, tattooists use transfer paper and special liquids, pencils and rods for freehand drawing directly on the skin. All of these tools must comply with current quality standards, otherwise an adequate transfer of the pattern will be simply impossible. This relates primarily to transfer paper.
In addition to transfer paper, tattoo artists can also use a thermal printer to copy the design on the skin. However, it is more reasonable to install such printer in tattoo parlors with high traffic of customers to facilitate the work of the artist.
So, what is transfer paper, really? Transfer paper is a lining, carbon paper, tracing paper and protective sheet where the design is copied to. It is also possible to use normal sheets for the printer. What is the procedure of transferring the pattern on the skin?
First, you need to print out your design via a printer device. Then, place the paper with the design over the transfer paper. Use a pen or pencil to trace the contours of the pattern. On the opposite side, due to the pressure, the inverse image is printed on the sheet.  Make sure that you have done all desired contours. This is how you create the stencil!
The procedure continues with applying dettol, lubricant or soapy water on the skin. Next, put the stencil paper with the face of the design toward the primed skin. Press it in (you can also wet with a damp cloth slightly). Lift the edge of the paper slightly, and, making sure that the design is printed on the skin, gradually remove the stencil from the skin. Remember, it is not the inverse image that will be printed on the skin, but the one you printed with the printer. 
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