Tattoos When Pregnant: to Do or Not to Do

Published on 07.5.2018 Tattoo and pregnant
Some women do not want to stop getting tattoos even when they are pregnant. There are certain risks and alternatives you should know about for safety purposes.
Women want to look perfect under any circumstances. Including during pregnancy. A future mother may suddenly have an urge to get a tattoo to remember that special time of her life. However, many doctors oppose tattooing procedures during pregnancy. Are their fears justified?
What are the risks? 
For one, there is always the possibility of having allergic reactions to the ink. Or, worse, a poorly sterilized instrument or needle may cause infections which can easily penetrate directly into the blood. The most common diseases that people acquire when getting a tattoo are hepatitis, HIV, herpes and others.
It is worth considering that ink dyes fall into the subcutaneous layer in the process of creating a tattoo, which can provoke the body's reaction and affect a woman’s overall health.
Even if future moms are not afraid of the risks, it is better to take the process more seriously than usual. What they have to do is:
make sure that the tattoo artist is a registered practitioner;
make sure that the studio has a license for tattoos and piercings;
make sure that the tattoo artist uses new gloves for each procedure;
check the cleanliness of the room;
check if the tattoo artist uses an autoclave, a unit for cleaning and sterilizing equipment;
check if all needles are new;
check that all ink and inks used for tattooing are sterile.
The tattoo artist must provide you with his contact information so that you can easily reach him for several months after the tattoo.
If you don’t want to risk it, but still die to have an ornament on your body, you can get a henna tattoo instead. It will last long and have no harm on your body or your baby. 
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