Temporary tattoos. What are they like?

Published on 11.15.2016 Temporary tattoos are also known as henna tattoo read more at readysteadyink com
If you are still uncertain whether to get a tattoo or not, or you can’t decide on the design, temporary tattoos could help you “try on” the tattoo you want without you being stuck with them for the rest of your life.
Temporary tattoos are a persistent pattern on skin that lasts from 2-3 days up to 2 months. In fact, we can’t even call this a tattoo because it is made without the use of needles and does not damage the skin.
The undoubted advantages of the temporary tattoo are its short duration and painless application. If the image on your body does not meet your expectations, it can be quickly removed. There exist several ways to make a temporary tattoo. 
Mehndi in the Hindi language means henna. This is the art of body painting with henna paste.
The tattoo colors vary from orange to brown, depending on the skin tone, the method of preparation and the application of the paste. The artists also add lemon juice, sugar, ground coffee, black tea or red wine to the paste to enhance its color. Henna design may stay on the skin up to 1-2 months.
Aerographic tattoo is another way to try on a tattoo. It is done by applying the paint on the surface of the skin with an airbrush. The big advantage of this method is the variety of colors. However, the design does not last long: 2 – 10 days. 
Crystal tattoos are an unusual style that makes your design literally shine. Strasses from different materials bond to the skin to create crystal tattoos. There are ready-made patterns that are applied on the skin by removing the protective film. The disadvantage is the fragility of crystal tattoos. You should apply them on body parts covered by clothes because otherwise they will be removed quickly. You can’t wear them close to eyes either, to avoid damage to the cornea.
Permanent cosmetics is also a type of tattooing. This method of creating a temporary tattoo is mostly used for the face. To create permanent colors used in makeup was the idea of artists from China and Japan. Such a tattoo emphasizes the attractive features of face and hides the flaws.
Syuechin (in Chinese - blood essence) is the youngest and most unusual way of getting a temporary tattoo. A Chinese medical student made a mistake when mixing a patient’s drugs and injected the patient with a culture of luminescent bacteria instead of insulin. A week later, an unusual purple pattern showed at the injection area. The student was dismissed from his job and expelled from college, but he patented this method of creating a tattoo and has earned more than one million dollars since.
The image appears after subcutaneous administration of luminescent bacteria, their reproduction and distribution under the skin. The whole process takes about a week. It is impossible to tell what the image will be. It is always original, often cryptic or abstract and certainly attracts attention. They use an antibiotic to pin the image. However, the tattoo does not always go off without a trace. To remove such a tattoo one has to take antibiotics. Luminescent bacteria, in some people, do not always take well and there can be allergic reactions.
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