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Amanda Wachob - World’s Best Tattoo Artists Published on 08.20.2017
The world of tattoo art also has its talents.
Tattoo Studio specializing in bananas Published on 12.12.2016
Today, it is difficult to surprise anybody with tattooed bananas or other fruit painted by tattoo machine.
Tattoo artist from Alaska uses ashes to make tattoos Published on 11.19.2016
A tattoo artist from Alaska, known as Miss Judy, meets people in grief quite often. For many of them, tattooing is a healing therapy, and Miss Judy has been helping them ...
A tattoo artist who decides what to ink Published on 11.17.2016
The famous American tattoo artist, Scott Campbell, who did tattoos for celebrities such as Orlando Bloom, Penelope Cruz and Kanye West, now offers to tattoo—completely fr...
Tattoo transfer paper Published on 11.16.2016
How do you transfer a design on the skin? Tattoos are a cool way to express individuality. Therefore, in order to make the design high-quality and accurate, tattoo artis...
Temporary tattoos. What are they like? Published on 11.15.2016
If you are still uncertain whether to get a tattoo or not, or you can’t decide on the design, temporary tattoos could help you “try on” the tattoo you want without you be...
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