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Legendary tattooing method to be filed as history? Published on 10.28.2016
With the tattoo boom in recent years, one does not really need to have a reason to get inked. Many people do it for fun or to distinguish themselves among others. Quite o...
DaniKatani talking about her experience at the Israeli tattoo convention Published on 10.18.2016
I was amazed by the great vibe in the 4th Israel tattoo convention.
7 Tattoo Tips from Our Tattoo Artists Published on 06.27.2016
Johan Svahn Is Looking For New Tattooers Published on 06.21.2016
Interesting to become a tattoo artist? Johan Svahn is looking for you!
50 Tattoo Artists You Should Know Published on 06.20.2016
You see a lot more people with tattoos these days than you did in the past. Societal norms have changed a lot, and now its commonly accepted. Even the most clean-cut peo...
Tattoo Artist Career Guide Published on 05.29.2016
This guide will help you learn everything you need to know about becoming a great tattoo artist. You can look into training choices, required experience, and license info...
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