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Sunflower on Paris Jackson’s hand Published on 03.20.2017
Paris Jackson continually replenishes her collection of tattoos. Her latest design is a sunflower on the inside of the forearm.
The world's first naval officer with a traditional Ta-Moko facial tattoo Published on 03.19.2017
New Zealand’s Royal Navy officer, Rawiri Barriball, has become the first person allowed to wear a Ta-Moko tattoo on his face.
Tattoo on Wim Delvoye’s back sold for 150 thousand Euros Published on 03.15.2017
"I finally realized my purpose! It lies in sitting on a box at the museum" - says about his activities Tim Steiner, who is one of the exhibition objects at various art sh...
New game "Tokyo Tattooed Girls" to be released in summer of 2017 Published on 03.13.2017
News that will definitely make all the lovers of Japanese tattoo, as well as those who are crazy about cartoons of the rising sun, jump and clap hands with happiness! In ...
Vegetarian Tattoo from Mr. Universe 2014 Published on 03.9.2017
Englishman with a French name Barny du Plesis became a holder of the title "Mr. Universe" in 2014, and even with all those muscles, he is a vegetarian! The vegan bodybuil...
Thousands of customers from around the world come to 97-year-old Filipino tattoo artist Published on 03.8.2017
Apo Whang-od, at the age of about 97 years, adhering to the strict rhythm and keeping a steady pulse, does tattoos to her customers.
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