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First official tattoo studio to open on Cuba Published on 03.7.2017
After the death of Fidel Castro, who, from 1959 to 2006, determined the way to live for the Cuban population, there is observed the explosion of interest to tattooing.
Restaurant for nudists in Japan refuses to serve guests with a tattoo Published on 03.2.2017
This summer in Tokyo opened the first in Japan restaurant for nudists The Amrita.
The tattoo as a new kind of publishing activity Published on 03.1.2017
Fausto Alzati is a writer, poet and tattoo artist from Mexico City (Mexico). He is the author of several published books, as well as the organizer of Verbo festival, the ...
Dream Job: regular tattooist at football club Published on 02.21.2017
Representatives of the American football club Philadelphia Union, which since 2010 plays in the highest professional football league of the United States and Canada, toda...
Environmental artivist created 40,000 tattoos in one year Published on 02.20.2017
The sculptor, writer, and most importantly, defender of animal rights, Alfredo Meschi, who lives in Sardinia, created a tattoo design that is called the X. During 2016 ...
Tattoo during the sermon Published on 02.19.2017
In Las Vegas, a religious organisation which calls itself "the church for people who do not like churches" holds a series of "tattooed sermons."
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