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Giant from San Francisco Published on 02.2.2017
From skateboarding and graffiti to the tattoo and graphic art - Mike Giant is considered to be one of the most versatile and prolific subculture of artists of his generat...
Tattoo salon forbidden to sponsor children's football team Published on 02.1.2017
Due to the decision of the British Football Association the junior team of FC Kings Heath Concorde will not be able to participate in the games of the coming season.
A guy from Britain got smiley emoticon tattoo Published on 01.31.2017
Did you ever get the feeling that in order to shrug - and show a gesture that means, say, you have no idea what the person was saying - you need to activate too much musc...
Tom Hardy lost a tattoo in a bet to Leonardo DiCaprio Published on 01.29.2017
British actor Tom Hardy, if he means what he says, will now have to do a rather stupid tattoo.
2 reasons not to bring animals with you to the tattoo parlor Published on 01.25.2017
Many of us are animal lovers. They would bring their dogs with them everywhere - grocery store, shoe store, and in many other places, if it was allowed.
The eldest tattooed couple Published on 01.18.2017
Meet Charles Helmke and Charlotte Guttenberg from the United States of America! They have won a new record according to Guinness Book of Records in the category of the mo...
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