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Kawasaki W650 in tattoos Published on 01.11.2017
To make tattoo style the main theme of the painting of whether a car, motorcycle and anything else is not a new idea.
New trend among British tourists: Magaluf-Tattoo Published on 01.10.2017
Magaluf is a Spanish beach resort in the south-west of the city of Palma de Mallorca.
The revival of traditional Inuit tattoos Published on 01.9.2017
Inuit (in a literal translation from the native language is the word denoting general concept of "people") are indigenous inhabitants of the northern part of the North Am...
A plumber from the US made a tattoo dedicated to the future victory of the "Chicago Blackhawks" in the Stanley Cup Published on 01.8.2017
Seven hours before the start of the new NHL season for the "Chicago Blackhawks" Russell Pedersen tried to predict that his favorite hockey team will take the Stanley Cup ...
New Zealand girl put her butt for sale Published on 01.2.2017
Bailey Price from New Zealand put a piece of her butt, 9 by 9 square centimeters, for sale through online auction Trad Me, with the condition that the buyer of this space...
Tattoo on teeth Published on 12.29.2016
Throughout the history of its existence, men have sought to diversify and improve their appearance by using the items from the outside world.
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