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Parents use their kids’ drawings as tattoo stencils Published on 12.16.2016
The number of parents who want to transfer their kids’ paintings onto skin canvas is increasing. Curiously, they don't seem to care if these paintings look good or terrib...
David Beckham’s tattoos against child abuse Published on 12.14.2016
UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) is an international organization working in the framework of the UN (the United Nations).
Most Tattooed Santa Published on 12.8.2016
Well-worn on the Internet, recognizable by the huge mass of memes, tattooed Santa Claus is actually a real character.
Italian citizen deported from Burma for Buddha tattoo Published on 12.6.2016
Italian tourist was deported from Burma and banned from entering the country for violation of visa regulations, namely a tattoo with the image of Buddha on his leg.
Parrotman from Britain Published on 12.4.2016
UK residents was called human-parrot after he did tattoos on his eyeballs and tongue, and even cut off his ears to fully comply with the image of his beloved birds.
Psychological aspect of tattooing Published on 11.25.2016
Everyone will agree that all forms of art influence the psychological state of a person. If we consider placing permanent ink on our own body, the psychological aspect is...
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