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Getting inked at a convention Published on 11.14.2016
The tattoo industry is a progressive field of art. Thus, enthusiasts can spot a number of conventions happening almost every month.
How safe is your tattoo ink? Published on 11.2.2016
Any paint, including the one intended for tattooing, consists of pigment and diluent. The latter may, in fact, initially be in conjunction with the pigment.
Japanese tattoos are back Published on 10.27.2016
The awesome weight loss journey of Vanessa Published on 10.26.2016
When I was 18 years old, my body has changed through puberty
Should police officers be allowed to have tattoos over uncovered skin? Published on 10.18.2016
Tattoos are as old as the hills. It seems they have existed for ages. There were times in the past when tattoos were extremely popular among criminals and were used for m...
Tattooed Father of The Year Published on 09.29.2016 team found the tattooed dad of year! meet the amazing dad from New Zealand with his daughter
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