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Real or Fake Tattoo? Published on 09.29.2016
recently we have upload image of amazing thigh tattoo to our Instagram page by Caroline Derwent.
Kristina Fink Reviewing Her New Tattoo Experience Published on 09.11.2016
Over the weekend team received new tattoo photo to our instagram from Kristina Fink. Our fans really loved her new ass tattoo. So we asked Kristina to...
A Guide in Tattoo Styles Published on 09.5.2016
If you are looking to get your next tattoo, you have to figure out the best style that will fit with your preferred pattern. The list below describes the major styles ava...
Butterfly Tattoos Published on 08.4.2016
Everyone who wants to give their new tattoo a meaning tries to find some of their own character traits therein.
What your Lily tattoo means Published on 08.1.2016
Flowers are a very popular theme in the tattoo world. The lily tattoo is not a mainstream one, but is still widely requested
Hummingbird Tattoo Published on 07.29.2016
The hummingbird tattoo is really popular in the mainstream for women
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