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Bracelet Tattoos Published on 06.12.2018
A bracelet tattoo provides an opportunity to express yourself and open your inner world, focusing on your hidden desires and goals.
Tattoo of the Moon Published on 06.12.2018
There are a lot of variations and symbolic images of the moon, but the meaning of such a tattoo is quite universal and interesting.
Dice Published on 05.29.2018
"Our whole life is a game," people say, getting a dice tattoo.
Leopard tattoos Published on 05.28.2018
The leopard is an incredible animal: fast, dexterous and simply beautiful.
Ladybug Tattoos Published on 05.15.2018
Out of all insect tattoos, the ladybug tattoo stands out for its color, brightness and incredible tenderness.
Infinity Sign Published on 05.15.2018
The infinity symbol belongs to those drawings that are called simple and ingenious.
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