Tattoo Lists

Here you can find the hottest lists and the trending tats. We've put together lists with some of the hottest tattoos and the most intricate masterpieces for you to browse for awe or inspiration. Have a great idea for another list? Just drop us a line.

The Simpsons’ Fan Tattoos Published on 04.22.2018
The Simpsons is the longest and most successful American animated series.
White Ink Tattoo Ideas Published on 04.22.2018
Exquisite and discreet, barely noticeable on the skin, white tattoos conquer not only the fans of natural painting around the world, but also those who do not accept trad...
Tattoos on the Calf Published on 04.17.2018
Seductive tattoos on the calf attract attention.
Rose Tattoos You Would Love to Smell Published on 04.12.2018
Rose tattoos are among the images that bear philosophical and versatile meanings.
Lace Tattoos for Girls Published on 04.9.2018
A lace pattern is used in tattoos solely as an ornament.
Amazing Arrow Tats Published on 04.5.2018
For the arrow to fly forward, it must first be pulled back.
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