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Portrait Tattoos Published on 04.4.2018
Portraits on the skin became popular long time ago.
Throat Tattoos Published on 03.30.2018
Tattoos inked on throat are not very popular, because they can scare away employers for esthetic reasons.
Band Tattoos Published on 03.24.2018
Optical switch. This is how artists refer to bands.
Flash Tats Published on 03.21.2018
Flash tattoos are definitely one of the most popular types of temporary tattoos, especially in the summer.
Inspiring Haida tattoos Published on 03.14.2018
Haida design tattoos were named after a native tribe inhabiting the lands of America and Canada.
Cute cat tattoos for girls Published on 03.10.2018
It is a fact that cat tattoos look very sexy on women.
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