Tattoo Lists

Here you can find the hottest lists and the trending tats. We've put together lists with some of the hottest tattoos and the most intricate masterpieces for you to browse for awe or inspiration. Have a great idea for another list? Just drop us a line.

Wedding tats instead of rings Published on 03.7.2018
Wedding tattoos are becoming a fashionable trend among newlyweds.
Zodiac tattoos - Scorpio Published on 03.4.2018
The end of October and beginning of November mark the month of the zodiac sign Scorpio.
Minimalistic tattoo style Published on 02.27.2018
Minimalism is one of the main achievements in art.
Inks of clocks Published on 02.21.2018
A clock or watch is the most obvious symbol of time, the variability of the world, constant movement, the limit of eternity.
Sexy butt-cheeks’ tattoos Published on 02.20.2018
Tattoos inked on the buttocks are an exclusively female attribute.
Dragon tattoos Published on 02.14.2018
Dragon tattoos are a frequent choice of a huge number of people all over the planet, regardless of age, race and gender.
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