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Tattoos in memory of David Bowie Published on 06.12.2018
The wife and daughter of the late David Bowie got tattoos in his honor
A Bet Made Two Years Ago Is Finally Executed Published on 06.12.2018
Two years ago, Leo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy made a bet binding the loser to get a tattoo based on a sketch of the winner
Amazing Tattoo of Zlatan Ibrahimovic Published on 06.5.2018
Zlatan Ibrahimovic united the tattoos on back into one masterpiece
Mo Ganji’s Genius Tattoos Published on 05.29.2018
A tattoo artist from Germany creates cool tattoos with a monochrome line
Jose Mourinho’s greatest fan Published on 05.15.2018
A lady from England adores Jose Mourinho and expresses her affection by covering her body with tattoos of him
Tattoo of H. Clinton Published on 05.15.2018
A member of the Saturday Night Live TV show got a tattoo in support of H. Clinton
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