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Biggest Fan of Julia Roberts Published on 04.22.2018
A big fan of Julia Roberts has covered his torso and arms with portraits of the actress and is not intending to stop.
Fatal tattoo in a piquant place Published on 04.17.2018
A guy from Britain got a tattoo of a vacuum cleaner that now scared away females
Beckham’s new tat Published on 04.17.2018
Soccer star David Beckham got a tattoo of the word "Seven" on his hand
Joker tattoo Published on 04.12.2018
A soccer player from England got a Joker tattoo for a more effective celebration of him scoring goals
World famous tattoo artists – Scott Campbell Published on 04.10.2018
Scott Campbell, a world famous tattoo artist from the States
Jobless because of a tattoo Published on 04.9.2018
A guy from Manchester got a tattoo in memory of his belated grandfather which now prevents him from getting a job.
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