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Dwayne “the Rock’s” Bull evolution Published on 04.4.2018
Dwayne “the Rock” said goodbye to his old tattoo of a bull’s head which he got when he was a wrestling champion.
Bella Thorne boasted a new tattoo Published on 04.2.2018
Actress Bella Thorne showed her new tattoo that reads, “I love you.”
Two years to get rid of a tattoo Published on 03.30.2018
It took a man from Wales two years to remove a tattoo he got while drunk at a bachelor party.
Ontario is to ban eye tattoos after patient’s injury Published on 03.27.2018
Unpleasant eye tattooing accident that happened with Cat Gallinger made Ontario Government think about banning cosmetic tattoos.
Amazing Christmas Tattoos You Will Definitely Want Published on 03.26.2018
Everybody loves Christmas.
A Lobster Found with a Pepsi Tattoo Published on 03.26.2018
Canadian fishing crew found a lobster who had the logo of Pepsi «tattooed» on its claw, which raised a lot of questions.
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